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The SiNANO Institute is a non profit Association aiming at establishing a durable EU Network of researchers in order to form a distributed Centre of Excellence in the nanoelectronic field. More than 1200 scientific and technical staff are working together in this field in the SINANO Institute. 

Its objectives are to:

  • Carry out a role of representation and coordination of the associated Organizations in the area of nanoelectronic devices and technologies,  
  • Promote the strengthening of the European scientific culture, technical knowledge and skills in the field, and exploit the synergies deriving from the complementary nature of the competencies available at its Members, 
  • Encourage collaboration between its Members, research bodies and industries, 
  • Perform training activities, University curricula, Workshops to develop high competence levels in Europe, participate in Roadmaps definition,
  • Play an important role in European structuring and programs, and strengthen the overall efficiency of the European research in Nanoelectronics.

Institute's members are renowned European research organisations and universities  in the field of nanoelectronics.




Nanoelectromechanical Sensors (NEMS) based on Graphene Membranes appear in Nano Letters

Research results of a collaboration between the SINANO members KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), University of Siegen (Germany) and the University of Udine (Italy) have been published in Nano Letters.
The paper ”Electromechanical Piezoresistive Sensing in Suspended Graphene Membranes“ describes experiments with graphene membrane based pressure sensors with very high normalized sensitivity. In addition, we report an intrinsic graphene gauge factor of 2.9. The observed piezoresistive effect is independent of crystallographic orientation, in line with theoretical calculations. This is an important result in view of potential applications in sensors and actuators and promises significantly smaller sensors with improved sensitivity.
The research was supported through three ERC Grants (OSIRIS, No. 228229, M&M’s, No. 277879 and InteGraDe, No. 307311) as well as the German Research Foundation (DFG, LE 2440/1-1) and the Italian MIUR through the Cooperlink project (CII11AVUBF).
A.D. Smith, F. Niklaus, A. Paussa, S. Vaziri, A.C. Fischer, M. Sterner, F. Forsberg, A. Delin, D. Esseni, P. Palestri, M. Östling, M.C. Lemme, „Electromechanical Piezoresistive Sensing in Suspended Graphene Membranes“, Nano Letters, 2013. DOI: 10.1021/nl401352k

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